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Supplying Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Opticians and many more trades with essential hygiene products.

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UK based manufacturer and supplier of hygiene supplies

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About Us

Since the start of COVID-19 there has been an unprecedented demand for masks, gloves and aprons amongst other protective equipment. Driving the price higher then ever seen before on these products, we still as a business require the use of them for our clean room / lab facilities. We have been fortunate in being able to remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and now our goal is to assist as many businesses as possible in the UK to return to work safely.

Hygiene Supplier is a family run company with a manufacturing and distribution facility in Kent. We operate world class pharmaceutical grade Cleanrooms, compliant to ISO14644 class 6, with ULPA filtration consistently delivering clean air to our manufacturing space. Our laboratories are a highly energy efficient solution to delivering the best clean manufacturing space, whilst considering the environment. Giving you reassurance in the choice of products we offer.

With many years of experience in supply, manufacturing and distribution, you can have full confidence in Hygiene Supplier providing a simple solution, as a direct hygiene supply link with PPE manufacturers globally.

Assured Quality

The products we offer are carefully selected from suppliers with the necessary certification to ensure high standards are met and all products are fit for purpose. If there are items that you require and cannot find them on our website, please feel free to contact us.

PHE Advice

We are unable to provide advice for your specific businesses PPE requirements when reopening. This guidance will be provided by Public Health England or by your governing body.

Looking to other European countries that have relaxed lock down measures and the advice we have seen so far from regulatory bodies, we expect businesses to begin reopening in the coming weeks, strictly with the use of Masks, Protective Screens, Gloves and Hand Sanitiser.

Recommended PPE for primary, outpatient, community and social care by setting, NHS and independent sector

Public Health England

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Through a secure members portal, we're able to offer PPE products directly to registered institutions so that we can provide PPE to the front line workers who need it most. Registration is required in order to purchase through this website. The data that we capture during the trade verification process falls in line with our privacy policy.